Alfa Marine
About Us
As the company matured we found a growing market for plate heat exchangers, evaporators and the re-gasketing of plate packs. We now find ourselves in the unique position of being able to offer spares and service for all types of heat exchanger and separation equipment.

We can supply original spare plates, complete heat exchangers, new separators and genuine spare parts from most OEM manufacturers at very competitive prices. Where saving money is crucial, we also offer a range of completely reconditioned, heat exchangers, spare plates, separators and non-genuine separator spares, all at a fraction of the cost of new or OEM prices.

All equipment and spare parts that we sell as “reconditioned” or “non-genuine” guaranteed smooth operation and to be within OEM manufacturing tolerances. In many cases our non-genuine spares are purchased direct from the OEM supplier. Therefore, when it comes to supplying new heat exchangers, separators and spare parts, we will find the ideal solution for your application and budget.