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Liquid Recycling System
  STA High Speed Separator
The STA  design and manufacturer modular separator and complex cognate fluid Clarification systems focusing on centrifugal technology for filtration of solid and for A by pass face from main face, we approach the problem according to the specific Multi stage clarification technique with out the use of additional filter aids.

We supply various models of machine to suite specific Requirement of the customer from our basic model and advance model like A-25 a self cleaning system for continuous discharge of solid, all equipment are skid mounted and easy to install, our equipment are with a Average automation those can be operate with out much man power after sales , service is available in Indian market with company trained engineer.
STA Self Cleaning Separator

The STA self cleaning separator is mechanically Manage self discharge system, set by a plc control In the event of if the sludge contain is more then the Holding capacity of the bowl, the sludge can be discharge Periodically as may be require in a pre detriment Time, this give a continues production with out stopping The machine for frequent cleaning, The machine can be Used for many application like paint sludge recovery, glass Grinding pest, honing coolant cleaning, CNC machine coolant cleaning Weir drawing machine coolant cleaning and many more, the machine are Manufacturer under German Technology and having reliability best in it Class in world market.
We can supply this machine as per custom design as per process application Please contact with your further requirment.
  STA Separator Skid  

we have been using process technology know-how to solve contamination problems everywhere that more stringent environmental requirements, stricter quality specifications and cost pressure have led to the need for greater purity of fluids used.

Our focus is on systems which achieve maximum filter fineness through centrifugal force, gravitation and coalescence alone and without the use of filter aids, and extract solid matter in compact and pure form, as well as foreign oil, in high concentration. This makes it possible to increase the service life of machining fluids and tools, to reduce disposal costs and to improve the production results, for example in the following applications:

Coolant lubricants in metal, glass or ceramic processing
Surface treatment baths (washing/phosphatising)
Painting booth water
Enamel stripping baths
Fluids from chemical or biological waste water processes