Alfa Marine
  Mineral Oil Separator
The Mineral oil separator are  used to separate water and solid piratical in the fuel. And lubricating oil  for marine engine, diesel base power plant, locomotive engine,Large  furnace  and many similar application,  the machine are made out of  difference Materials like, stainless steal, special carbon steal, the transmission parts are made of  bronze.  
Vegetable Oil Separator
The vegetable oil separators are mainly used for continuous degumming,desoaping, dehydrating in the process of vegetable oils refining.These series separators, which are designed and manufactured our works, are mainly equipments from 30t/d to 300t/d.All the parts of the separators contacting the oil are made of stainless steel,therefore it meets the requirement of food hygiene.

High separating factors big capacity, less refining loss.The design, production and acceptance are complied with JB/T7231 "Disc vegetable oil separator".
Latex Separator  

The Latex separator supply by CSSC Nanjing Luzhou machine Co ltd, is use for concentration And purification of the fresh latex, which will be Separated in to residual latex liquid, meanwhile The solid impurities are also to be remove off From the fresh latex, all the contact parts of The separator is made of stainless steel and connected to a control penal, the electro Magnetic braking system allow the separator To stop in a short duration, a float is provided In the feeding tub to keep the liquid get over flow and control quintative flow in to the Separator, this types of separator are cost Effective and produce higher production, easy To maintain and operate, the out put quality is Accepted in the industries for further Information, please contact us or our authorize representative in your area.

Starch Separator  

The Starch Separator are a disc bowl Separator with high speed And discharge through nozzle hey are mainly use for purifying And concentration Starch and in starch production. The separator can separate protein and recover starch in starch production The separator is capable of separating two face liquid to liquid And solid to liquid, such as blanching earth, recovery of pulp etc. All the parts are in the contact area is made of stainless steel, There for it meet the requirement of food hygiene. The design Production and acceptation check are complied with JB/T6419 Of China standard.

We manufacture few models for Starch like GTDZ311VC-03,GTDZ 311VC-03A, GTDZ311VC-03B, this machine are mainly use for Separation and concentration of zymolytic liquid, protein and wheat/ corn starch The machine has the advantage of high efficiency, low material consumption, con- venient operation and economic operation cost, machine available against specific Requirement, low spares cost, fast delivery, service and support available on reques T, through our net work.

Milk Separator  

The Milk separator are one of the oldest machine use By the farmer to separate cold milk in the world, this Machine are mostly hermetically sealed and work Under close condition so that air don't enter and avoid bacterial growth by keeping the milk in hygienic con- dition, Our model RPDB 409 VC-03 separator are made Similar way, all contact parts are made of stainless steel as per JB/T8103,The milk separator are suitable for purifying and de- Fating of (Separation of fat or cream) milk, the machine Is work as other centrifuge but it have a back pressure Valve by means of adjusting the same the thickness of The fat can be adjusted, there is a centripetal pump is Fixte in the out let of milk in side of bowl so that the skimmed milk can be pump out For further processing. For further information please contact us.

  Wool Fat Separator  
This types of separators are used to recover wool grease from wool, in the process of Washing the wool, a large amount of fat is recover, and this is call as wool grease, we Are having difference model for application like first stage recovery, second stage Recovery, or primary, secondary and final separation Of wool fat, the model is also use to separate the similar.

Feed stock of liquide-liquide & solid , the primary Separator is a nozzle discharge type separator, hence The recovery rate is efficient comparer to other Types of separator available in the market, other Models are of self cleaning type, and control by a PLC System, the timing of discharge can be adjusted as per Customer requirement, the collecting cover are made Of stainless steel to avoid ware & tear in case of the Materials are of  corrosive in nature, the machine has Advantage of high efficiency, low  spares consumption And operation cost,
Medicine & Chemical Separator  

The medicine and chemical purpose separators are mainly suitable for purifying and clarifying of the Chinese traditional medicament pharmaceutical, biological-chemical medicament, antibiotic and separating chemical industry materials, mixed fat-acid, animal fat, coaltar, painting, ect. All the parts in contact with the feedstock are made of stainless streel . the bowl of specialized use can be made of austenite stainless steel or ferrocarbon titanium.

The separators have reliable transmission and opening device in demanding expiosion condition therefore can running secretly. The design, production and acceptance are complied with "The Technical Condition and Test Method of Disc Separator".