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Supplier Of Re-condition Separator
Where saving money is crucial, R N ENGINEERS (INDIA) can offer fully reconditioned separators. All reconditioned machines are guaranteed for twelve months of operation. All machines prior to reconditioning are stripped of all components, cleaned, inspected and rebuilt.

The horizontal and vertical drives are carefully checked for wear and new parts are fitted if needed. All ball bearings are automatically changed (only SKF original ball bearings are fitted). All electric motors are cleaned and their insulation properties are checked. Of they are found to be below normal readings they are exchanged. Otherwise new bearings are fitted as standard.

All parts for operating water and inlet and outlet are checked and replaced if needs be. All O' rings and gaskets are automatically replaced with new.

Spindle heights, operating water paring discs and oil discharge paring disc heights are brought into line with the original manufacturers new specifications.

RE condition after Before

The bowls are dismantled and checked for wear and damage on all sealing faces. Lock rings large and small are checked for wear and zeroed in the correct position. Bowl discs are mechanically polished and are returned to "as new" condition.

All sealing faces are then machined and bowls are re-balanced to original manufacturers specifications. Balance Certificates are then issued for each bowl then machines is then run up and test discharged before they are packed ready for supply.
  Spares For Separator  
We carry one of the most extensive ranges of non-genuine spares for Alfa Laval, westfalis & Mitsubishi separators in the World. The vast majority of spares have been made from original manufacturers drawings ensuring dimensional accuracy, tolerances and material specifications are all correct.

All spares supplied by ourselves carry exactly the same guarantee as those supplied by the original manufactures Unlike some non genuine manufacturers the spare parts fit and work first time, every time; therefore your staff will only have to strip and repair the machine once, saving you down-time and inconvenience. Because of the vast range of stock we handle, 90% of orders can be dispatched on the same day as the order is placed. All spares supplied by us are covered by our product liability insurance on a worldwide basis, so ensuring peace of mind and full protection.

Wherever possible we always buy through OEM suppliers. All solenoid valves, ball bearings, pressure stats and O' rings are purchased from the same suppliers that the separator manufactures buy from. This ensures total compatibility and total end-user confidence. Although R N ENGINEERS (INDIA) specialises in Alfa Laval equipment, we are also able to supply the full range of spare parts for Mitsubishi and Westfalia Separators at competitive prices.

We supply a full range of genuine and non-genuine gaskets in all material types, e.g. Nitrile, EPDM, Butyl, Viton or Caff Klingerite. The  gasket are also available in Glued & Clip-on types.

Different materials specifications can be supplied to order.

We also supply gasket cement or special adhesive to past gasket

  Supply Of Plate Heat Exchanger  
  Supply Of Plate Heat Exchanger Spares  
  Service Of Separator & Heat Exchanger & Decanter