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Marine Machinery
Bilge Oil Separator
ZYF-Z Series of bilge oil separator was designed by CSSC Nanjing Luzhou which is According to the requirement of IMO resolution MEPC 107(49).

The procedures and Results of the type test have been approved by CCS, Lloyds, BV, and DNV certificate Of other certification body can be arrange on request ZYF-Z Series bilge separator which contain the unit Of controlling system and pump, are a series of Equipment that can treat bilge water and make the discharge water quality as per IMO requirement of Not more then 5 to 15 ppm , the unit can work in a Temperature range between 50C to 40C, it also can Work under humidity condition of 90%, energy source A/C or D/C 440/380 or as may be require by customer Can be supply, the equipment require fresh water at The time of first starting as a priming and work under Pressure range of 0.15MPa to 0.20 Mpa. The unit is a skid mounted and easy to install & operate Easy availability of spares and service worldwide port.
  Swage Treatment Plant and MarineIncinerator
Our serial of ST sewage treatment plant are manufacturer under know how from HAMWORTHY CORPORATION OF U.K, the system use a technology of bio-chemistery and oxidation to purify the sewage and meet the PRESENT requirement of IMO, MAR POL 73/78 and the type approved by certification body Like CCS, EC, ABS, LR and other classify society and as well as U.S. Coast Guard The main technical advantage of the unit.
  • Treated water BOD < 50 mg/L
  • Draining Suspended water < 50 mg/L
  • Draining Coliform Water < 250/100 mL
  • Suitable to use in Ship & offshore platform with
  • Crew10-600 persons
Marine Incinerator

This products is manufacturer by us under cooperation form Team Tec SA of Norway, this products is used in land and ocean going vessel to incinerate waste- oil, sewage sludge and garbage, at the time of incinerating there is no smoke, smell, or color produce hence there is no second pollution , the equipment is compiles with the standard of MARPOL 73/78 convention Annex V & VI as amended to IMO resolution MEPC 76(40).

The equipment come with a skid mounted and easy to operate, from the control system which is available in the Unit, spares and service is available worldwide .
  Rudder & Steering Gear  
The HD Steering gear is manufacture by us with foreign advance technology, it work and operate the Navigation system effectively and accurately, the pulse signal during maneuvering can be reached immediately compared with the reciprocating types of steering gear, the rotary vane steering gear Possessed the following advantage.

Compactness, few motive parts, smooth rudder rotation, extensive rudder angle, convenience in installation shockproof, and vibration proof properties, and less  occupied space etc. the hydraulic Sealing system is very much mature and dependable, the products have approved by CCS, ABS, LR BV and also passed the coastguard approval